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    Nowadays, we can notice how the aptitude of professional make-up artists and women doing everyday make-up is becoming more alike. The clients' level of make-up skills is higher and higher and their requirements for make-up cosmetics are also becoming more and more demanding.

    We support women’s aspirations to have make-up cosmetics of the best quality and therefore AFFECT brand of professional make-up cosmetics was created to fill the gap between high-end cosmetics and products for everyday make-up.

    affect_dystrybutorzy_home_960x0_1_1.jpg affect_akcesoria_home_960x0_1.jpg

    Highest quality

    We are aware of the fact that the differences in the quality of cosmetics can be noticed even when applying a quick make-up.

    What you put on your face affects your skin and this is why, from the very beginning, we have been focusing on the high quality of cosmetics and on their care aspects.

    What is more, AFFECT products are refined in every detail, so that they also affect other senses – eyeshadows have a wonderful scent, while powders and blushers have a unique, beautiful sweater-like pattern, which is pleasing to the eye and attracts attention.



  • Dr Irena Eris

    Dr Irena Eris is a brand built by Irena Eris – a doctor of pharmacy. For years it has been valued by Polish women and associated with the essence of good taste and style. Thanks to the implementation of the idea of holistic beauty, it demonstrates a comprehensive approach to taking care of the body and spirit. The brand includes not only excellent-quality, innovative, effective and safe luxury cosmetics, but also individually tailored professional care, which is embodied by the Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes and the provision of a balanced getaway in the form of luxury SPA Hotels at Wzgórza Dylewskie (Dylewo Hills), Krynica Zdrój and Polanica Zdrój. The Dr Irena Eris brand embodies timeless values and ideals such as respect for tradition and the ethics of action.



    This is a brand that is based on plant components, used in the care of the whole body. Comprehensive care of face, body, hair and personal hygiene allows to bring out the natural beauty of every woman. It uses effective and natural formulas derived from the rich tradition of herbal medicine.

  • HEAN

    The new positioning strategy involves the implementation of products with advanced cosmetic formulations that meet the expectations of professional makeup. Wide range of colors with the latest trends in make-up allow us to actively create the most fashionable seasonal colors. We periodically introduce novelties.
    Good quality guarantee!
    We have an impact on the quality of the cosmetics we manufacture because we have our own R & D lab and produce based on the best available
    raw materials from reputable sources only. We control the production at the factory in Poland, so we can offer our customers a high quality, safe product and a very good price.
    Brand HEAN is a color feria
    Listening to the needs of the market and the signals of the final customers we keep timeless color hits. In the constant offer is a range of hundreds of shades in different categories of makeup and additionally we introduce the latest color trends in the form of seasonal collections. We constantly monitor return signals from both our trading partners and end customers, and we know that constant access to customers' favorite colors is a very important factor in consumer buying decisions. Perfectly matched to the type of beauty the color, like the favorite scent of perfume, can accompany a woman for life.
    Brand HEAN is a wide make up assortment + professional special products used by make artist
    We are able to react quickly to the ever-changing needs of the market, a specially to the new geographic markets An experienced team of product specialists can quickly make product modifications to take into account needs of a specific geographic area.
    BRAND HEAN is an excellent quality - price ratio
    Our cosmetics formulations are co-developed with professionals, make-up artists The HEAN brand has expanded its range of specialized make-up with fixing products and intensely pigmented cosmetics used in professional photo and film sessions

  • IBRA


    This is a Polish brand offering high quality brushes and make-up accessories, which is owned by the dynamically developing professional cosmetics market in Aruba.


    Ibra's brand is so designed that it reaches not only the professionals, but also the beginner passionate and lovers of makeup. Our goal is to create an assortment that, through its positive value, will improve the work of even the most demanding clients.


    Based in Los Angeles, Luxy Lash provides premium quality Siberian mink lashes. They are handcrafted and designed to achieve your desired look and change your lash experience. Our line of luxurious lashes are truly the highest quality and we only use cruelty-free mink fur. Every girl wants the best beauty products on the market and we're here to finally bring that to you!

    From day to night, a pair of Luxy Lash falsies will complete your look and most importantly, make you feel fabulous! Beauty comes from the inside out and we are sure that these lashes will give you that extra 'oomph' of confidence. Luxy Lash is designed for sophisticated, classy women who represent the definition of elegance.

    The best lashes should not only look good but feel good as well. With a comfortable, light-weight cotton band, these lashes will even last you up to 25 wears!

    Luxy Lash is proud to present to you our custom line of mink fur lashes that are long-lasting, light-weight, comfortable, and fabulous!


    Dette er en serie med hypoallergen sminke og hudpleieprodukter laget spesielt for dem som har sensitiv og delikat hud. Serien inneholder blant annet: Lash and Brow Conditioner, Lash Balm, Sensitive Mascara, Lash Regeneration Serum, Concealere, Anti-aging/Regeneration og Collagen ansiktsmasker, Collagen og Hialuronic Elixir osv.

  • MIYO

    #My Individuality Your Obsession #Miyo #My Individuality Your Obsession#

    We created MIYO for You to play with colors and have great fun doing makeup. If You're young, loving to flirt with world trends, You just found what's best for You cause Beauty is Your duty. Stay MIYO.


    PAPERSELF is a London based brand, and the innovator of the world’s leading wearable paper art lashes. Known for their unique designs, PAPERSELF lashes cross the boundaries between art, fashion and beauty. PAPERSELF have collaborated with brands such as Shu Uemura and Bourjois to create unique lashes and are proud to have been featured in the popular film franchise, The Hunger Games worn on both Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks.

    In 2014 PAPERSELF launched their Tattoo Me collection, a line of artistic temporary tattoos. In keeping with their design-orientated approach, PAPERSELF tattoos focus on delicate and detailed designs with accents of bright colours and gold metallic, making them very different from other temporary tattoos available.

    As part of the Savage Beauty exhibition at the V & A Museum, London in 2015 PAPERSELF collaborated with Alexander McQueen to create an exclusive tattoo for the exhibition. The tattoos are also a favourite with bloggers, having been worn by YouTube beauty blogger Michelle Phan!

  • Perfect Cup

    Perfect Cup - A healthy alternative

    The Perfect Cup menstrual cups guarantee full comfort and maximum safety. They are made from the highest-quality medical grade silicone, which is neutral for the vagina’s natural environment and does not disrupt it. 

    If you want to feel comfortable and safe during your period, the Perfect Cup will be the best choice.

    poland.png?lossy=1&strip=1&webp=1 The Perfect Cup is the firstPolish Menstrual Cup. We are a 100% Polish company. All product components (cup, pouch, manual, packaging) are produced and packaged in Poland.

  • Pierre René Professional

    Pierre René – let's meet… 

    EMPIRE OF MAKE UP …we invite you to our Empire of Make Up! 

    Who are we?

    Pierre Rene is a company with long-term experience in the cosmetic sector. For over 20 years we have been helping women to bring out their natural beauty. With such rich experience and our own know-how, we easily change trends and ideas into high quality cosmetic products.

    To ensure high quality of products offered, our company cooperates with the world's best manufacturers of packaging and cosmetic formulas from Germany, France, Norway, Sweden and Spain.

    We are one of the fastest developing companies on the Polish cosmetic market, which we owe to a detailed analysis of the market, excellent product quality, high qualifications of our employees and systematic work. Words such as trends, professionalism, innovation, quality, colour are the basis for creating our business...

    Our cosmetics are successfully sold in over 35 countries in the world and the list of our foreign Business Partners keeps growing.

    We place enormous emphasis on educating our Business Partners and our team as regards products and visage as well as business topics. Dedicated training programs, our own e-learning training system, a broad range of activities supporting the resale of our cosmetics at the POS level and participation in the largest events in the cosmetic sector in Poland and abroad contributes to a continuous increase in sales of Pierre Rene Professional products.


    Pierre René Professional cosmetics combine caring and nourishing properties; we effectively reduce levels of allergens they contain. Ergonomics of packaging, a large number of shades and modern design guarantee comfort of use. We want our products to meet the requirements of modern Women in the sense of fashion, appearance, functionality and, finally, the effectiveness of action.

    The hit of our current collection is the Palette Match System created with individual creation of sets of shades of colours, blushes or powders in mind taking into consideration women's beauty and likings. A rich choice of 116 shadows, 14 blushes and 10 powders makes it possible to create one's own make-up palette.

    The fashion for hybrid manicure has inspired us to create a collection of products for its professional performance - Hybrid System at Home, also at home. We are ready to provide a complete set of cosmetics and accessories necessary to perform hybrid manicure.

    EMPIRE OF MAKE UP … enter our Empire of Make Up!

  • SAY

    A couple of great brushes and just one special girl. That's all it takes to say something new about yourself each time you put on makeup. Whatever you want to express, now you have all the right accessories.

    You know a lot about makeup. You understand that quality products won't work properly without quality brushes. And the quality of SAY comes from paying attention to detail. Each brush is hand-made, using certified materials. Our products come in different shapes, sizes and are made from various materials, but are all designed for delicacy and durability.

    Every girl is her own make-up artist!

    You're no different with all your passion and skills. In the blink of an eye, your experience becomes someone else's inspiration. And it goes both ways! That's what #CreativeWorks is all about.

    Every girl is her own make-up artist!Kobieta - Natura - Kreatywnosc - Beauty - Inspiracja - #CREATIVEWORKS  Społeczość - Kreatywnosć - Beauty -#CREATIVEWORKS

    Women in New York, Tokyo and Warsaw are motivated by the same things and face similar challenges every day. 


    Every day you aim to do things better than the day before. Ambition is a part of your nature, so we give you the tools to achieve much more. Join the #CreativeWorks expert community and get to know every beauty secret there is.

  • WIBO


    Welcome to our world. To the world of beauty, colour and innovation.
    We draw inspiration from our environment, from what is exceptional,originalandnon-standard.Wanttoknow usbetter? Welookforwardto working withyou!
    WIBO – feminine, active, dynamic, aware of her needs.
    Such is WIBO brand, such is WIBO woman. Living dynamically, familiar with the latest trends and textures. She passed her maturation period and fully aware stepped into the mature world full of inspiration, colours and opportunities, ready to go for it.

    Always original, cheerful and radiant with professional skills. Fascinated with fashion and technological novelties, she says yes to BEING UNIQUE. She tests, tries, learns and readily cooperates. Based on innovative technologies, WIBO brand each day develops inventive colour cosmetics loved by millions of Women in Poland and abroad. With her high sense of aesthetics and beauty, she denes a new look at the beauty market. She draws inspiration from the surrounding world.

    Get to know the world of innovative and functional cosmetics of WIBO characterized by their variety of colours and ready to make you say WOW! Experience the quality at an affordable price.

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