healthy make-up,
beautiful skin

According to our philosophy, PAESE cosmetics combine make-up with skin care. We believe that colour cosmetics should not only beautify your look, but also take care of your skin.

• The first line of colour cosmetics on the market with such advanced and unprecedented skin care properties.
• The first cosmetic line with such efficient anti-aging and anti-inflammatory activities.
• The first colour cosmetics with such highly effective skin perfectioning properties. Nanorevit Line possesses all necessary certification confirming how it improves the condition of the skin.
• According to the opinion on innovation issued by the independent Institute of Industrial Chemistry, it can be stated that the technological solutions and product formulas as well as the area of their application are innovative both, on the Polish and global markets.

Why blackcurrant seed oil?

Because it contains a combination of five essential fatty acids, not present in any other oil:

• linoleic acid (LA) synthesizes other acids from the omega-6 family responsible for maintaining optimal hydration of the skin
• γ-linolenic acid (GLA), which deficiency in the skin causes loss of elasticity, it significantly accelerates the formation of wrinkles
• α-linolenic acid (ALA) strengthens the epidermal cells and thus the protective barrier of the skin
• oleic acid stimulates the regeneration and formation of new cells
• stearic acid rebuilds the lipid coat