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The new positioning strategy involves the implementation of products with advanced cosmetic formulations that meet the expectations of professional makeup. Wide range of colors with the latest trends in make-up allow us to actively create the most fashionable seasonal colors. We periodically introduce novelties.
Good quality guarantee!
We have an impact on the quality of the cosmetics we manufacture because we have our own R & D lab and produce based on the best available
raw materials from reputable sources only. We control the production at the factory in Poland, so we can offer our customers a high quality, safe product and a very good price.
Brand HEAN is a color feria
Listening to the needs of the market and the signals of the final customers we keep timeless color hits. In the constant offer is a range of hundreds of shades in different categories of makeup and additionally we introduce the latest color trends in the form of seasonal collections. We constantly monitor return signals from both our trading partners and end customers, and we know that constant access to customers' favorite colors is a very important factor in consumer buying decisions. Perfectly matched to the type of beauty the color, like the favorite scent of perfume, can accompany a woman for life.
Brand HEAN is a wide make up assortment + professional special products used by make artist
We are able to react quickly to the ever-changing needs of the market, a specially to the new geographic markets An experienced team of product specialists can quickly make product modifications to take into account needs of a specific geographic area.
BRAND HEAN is an excellent quality - price ratio
Our cosmetics formulations are co-developed with professionals, make-up artists The HEAN brand has expanded its range of specialized make-up with fixing products and intensely pigmented cosmetics used in professional photo and film sessions

Showing 1 - 32 of 54 items
Showing 1 - 32 of 54 items