FORTESSEStrengthen and regenerate your damaged hair

✓  repairs damaged hair from the inside
✓  accelerates hair growth
✓  slows down hair loss and adds volume

Fortesse collection is a unique combination of the most effective ingredients

Products from Fortesse collection deliver complex care to hair prone to hair loss. Specially developed formulas of shampoo, conditioner and serum make hair bouncy, lustrous and faster growing.

The products prevent split ends and excessive hair loss. The ingredients penetrate hair structure and regenerate it from the follicles to the very ends.

Our products do not cause allergies or scalp irritations and make detangling easier. For optimal results it is recommended to use the shampoo, conditioner ans serum simultaneously.
The products have been dermatologically tested.

Frequent use of hairdryer, straightener, dying hair and even intensive UV rays exposure can lead to hair structure damage.

Weak hair loses its shine and becomes prone to split ends and hair loss. Such problems make creating that dream hairstyle more difficult than before.

Damaged and lifeless hair needs professional and complex care. Halier Fortesse collection delivers intense regeneration and strengthens hair from the inside. Using the shampoo, conditioner and serum guarantees best results.

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