NEURO FILLER – a scientific response to the formation of wrinkles caused by aging neurons. Neuronal skin aging is the newest research area of the specialists of Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research, that is inspired by the remarkable effectiveness of the COLLAGÈNE meso-TECHNOLOGIE treatment, carried out in Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes which uses the microneedle roller stimulation in order to improve communication between neurons and fibroblasts.

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    Eye Area Rejuvenating Cream for fine lines and deep wrinkles contains a laboratory selected high concentrations of active substances, enclosed in the Oligo Transfer™ complex, which by improving communication between nerve cells and fibroblasts inhibits neuronal aging and visibly rejuvenates the skin structure. The cream has been enriched with the...

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    Skin Matrix Renewal Cream containing an Oligo Transfer™ complex, stimulates the skin regeneration by restoring healthy communication between the nerve endings and the skin cells. With advanced stimulation, Oligo Transfer strengthens the skin support elements to form a coherent cell microarray. The carefully selected active ingredients, contained in the...

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    Face Contour Perfecting Cream is an intensive neuro-care cream for the mature skin. It includes high concentrations of active substances, enclosed in the Oligo Transfer ™ complex. These substances, by affecting the restoration of the supporting fibers of the skin, fill up deep wrinkles and re-model the shape of the face. The presence of the additional...

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