Dr Irena Eris Fortessimo Maxima is a cosmetics group of particularly intense repair and regeneration effect, designed for women over 55 years of age. The active ingredients in cosmetics Dr Irena Eris Fortessimo Maxima were combined in proper proportions with a special complex to maximize the effect of their actions.

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    The cream is rich in the repair agents and is ideal for the care of the gentle skin around the eyes. Kinetin (plant growth hormone), a unique component of Kinecell-forte™complex, promotes the renewal of the aging and damaged skin’s. Blackcurrant seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids helps to effectively reduce wrinkles and amplify firmness of the skin...

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    The cream almost doubles* the flexibility of mature skin and reduces the visible effects of aging.The component of the Algokine-forte™ complex – the kinetin (plant growth hormone) helps to renew aging and damaged skin cells. The extract from red algae and shea butter form a protective barrier on the skin. A high UV protective filter (SPF 10) reduces the...

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    Regenerating cream for a mature skin, containing a special Ω-arbutin-forte™ complex, showing exceptional nutrition and anti-wrinkle properties. The component of the complex – blackcurrant seed oil promotes the reduction of wrinkles. Arbutin – reduces the risk of discoloration, characteristic for mature skin. The cream visibly improves the condition of...

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