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  • 463,20 kr

    The cream is rich in the repair agents and is ideal for the care of the gentle skin around the eyes. Kinetin (plant growth hormone), a unique component of Kinecell-forte™complex, promotes the renewal of the aging and damaged skin’s. Blackcurrant seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids helps to effectively reduce wrinkles and amplify firmness of the skin...

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    Eye Area Rejuvenating Cream for fine lines and deep wrinkles contains a laboratory selected high concentrations of active substances, enclosed in the Oligo Transfer™ complex, which by improving communication between nerve cells and fibroblasts inhibits neuronal aging and visibly rejuvenates the skin structure. The cream has been enriched with the...

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  • 719,20 kr

    The lifting, wrinkle-reducing cream serum for the eye area yields exceptional skin-smoothing effects thanks to the combination of an effective formula and the one-of-a-kind ceramic massaging tip. The innovative colloidal gold peptide enriched with our Trihydro Activator, which activates transport mechanisms in mitochondrial membranes, stimulates the...

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  • 519,20 kr

    Advanced Japanese skin activators, based on a flavonoid complex extracted from the Japanese Pagoda Tree, supply the skin with oxygen and guarantee strong DNA protection against damage caused by oxidising stress. The cream ensures effective antioxidant action by its clinically proven RPF* of 31,3 x 1017. Recommended for use around the eyes, day and/or...

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