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    Highly Concentrated body cream helps to make your skin smoother firmer. It owes its effectiveness to the innovative HUNGRY.PEPTIX complex which increases the level of unique ‘hunger peptides’ in the skin. The beneficial synergistic action of cocoa butter and peach and peanut oils triples your skin’s moisture and nutrient levels (60%*). The ultimate effect...

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    The unique Intense firming & regenerating bust cream helps to improve the shape of your breasts and makes your skin firmer thanks to its Firmix C+ complex. Blue retinol acting in synergy with folic acid boosts skin elasticity.Directions for use: Recommended for a fuller bust for daily skin care. The product is particularly recommended as a firming...

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    Ultra-light moisturizing and nourishing Milk Euphoria makes your skin wonderfully firm and elastic. It contains wakame seaweed extract which activates 14 genes responsible for youthful skin appearance. The spectacular effect of smooth and sensual skin is further enhanced by Clintonia lily extract which works as natural hormones. Directly after product...

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