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    Multi-purpose liquid for make-up fixation. Add a small amount to the product for wet application of eye shadows, powders, bronzers and rouges to highlight the depth of their colour and extend durability of your make-up. Just as perfect as a base for lipsticks, glitters and eye shadows. Add Liquid Primer to your base to significantly prolong its durability...

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    Transparent lip pencil: unique creamy formula, prevents lipstick or lipgloss from smudging, perfectly accents lip contour, idealy matches all lipstick shades.

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    Colourless lips top coat . Perfectly fixes lips makeup for many hours. Provides effect luminous glow. Optically enlarges the lips, and the specially selected applicator guarantees perfect distribution, making the lips flawlessly smooth and perfectly finished.

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    Colorless and odorless liquid fixative multifunctional for professional use. Perfect as a base for shadows and lipstick. Just pat the skin a small amount of product and then apply shadow or lipstick as usual. That protected makeup becomes resistant to abrasion and moisture.  In conjunction with the dry pigments improves the color and extends their service...

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