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    Lifting foundation which provides an immediate effect of skin rejuvenation already after the first application. An exclusive technologically advanced formula enhances the natural skin protection barrier. Deeply soothing plant extracts which fulfil the function of natural botox and vitamins A, E and PP improve skim firmness and density. Ensures SPF 15...

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    Water-based fluid for all skin types. This innovative formula combines the function of a make-up product with skin care products. This product has a light texture, and it does not contain silicone, mineral oil or parabens. It gives the skin a natural and radiant look and unifies its colour, while allowing the skin to breathe.  The high content of various...

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    Luxurious creme powder that guarantees velvet and beautiful skin throughout all day. A perfect balance between covering and moisturising components provides a lightweight and delicate formula that gives a natural and radiant look and unifies the skin tone. Thanks to a wide variety of different active ingredients (jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin A+E...

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    SPF 30 POWDER - a unique powder in stone for any skin type. It soothes irritations, provides optimum coverage and unequaled levels of UVA and UVB protection and drying. The SPF 30 filter protects against free radicals and prevents skin aging. The silky, smooth texture of the powder allows for quick and easy application. Designed for dry and wet...

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     Balm lipstick with strong nurturing acting. The content of many precious ingredients such as mustard extract and natural oils and waxes ensures long-lasting lips hydration. It protects a skin from excessive dehydration and makes lips stay moistened, soft and nourished. Delicate coverage ensures healthy, natural tone and subtle and very feminine make-up....

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    The cream almost doubles* the flexibility of mature skin and reduces the visible effects of aging.The component of the Algokine-forte™ complex – the kinetin (plant growth hormone) helps to renew aging and damaged skin cells. The extract from red algae and shea butter form a protective barrier on the skin. A high UV protective filter (SPF 10) reduces the...

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    The Advanced Hydrating and Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle Cream from Institute Solutions provides an outstanding instant efficacy thanks to the sophisticated Iso CE complex combined with innovative active ingredient delivery technology. The delivery is activated by C-transfersomes, which ensure the optimum bioflavonoidconcentration, enhancing the penetration of...

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    Even Tone Skin Enhancer SPF 50+ offers an unrivalled combination of advanced skin conditioning, excellent skin tone enhancing properties, and a very high level of protection from solar radiation and harmful external factors.The cream makes skin smoother and more elastic (89%*). The innovative patent-protected complex TiErgoTion strengthens the structure...

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    INSTITUTE LIFTING SOLUTIONA unique beauty solution with rejuvenating and lifting properties, extending beyond traditional cosmetics. Based on 3 steps face modelling program used at Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes as well as on advanced technological solutions, a face lift effect is no longer the exclusive domain of plastic surgery.INTENDED FOR:• skin...

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    Face Contour Perfecting Cream is an intensive neuro-care cream for the mature skin. It includes high concentrations of active substances, enclosed in the Oligo Transfer ™ complex. These substances, by affecting the restoration of the supporting fibers of the skin, fill up deep wrinkles and re-model the shape of the face. The presence of the additional...

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    Very high factor emulsion for the face and body. It provides sun protection at the highest level. Used under makeup does not lose its properties. Perfectly absorbed, leaving no sticky film.

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    The synergistic action of the active ingredients contained in the Hand cream from the Body Art line ensures effective skin smoothing (100%*) and regeneration (73%*). Precious argan oil moisturizes your skin, delays aging, and brightens dark spots on your hands. Both beeswax and olive wax are effective emollients which provide excellent nourishment...

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    An exceptional skin care product which smoothens and visibly rejuvenates the skin right from the first use, making it immediately luminous. The innovative colloidal gold peptide enriched with our Trihydro Activator, which activates transport mechanisms in mitochondrial membranes, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, instantly smoothing the...

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    Long cover foundation for dry and normal skin.  Ultra light and very comfortable consistency harmonizes skin colors perfectly and hides any skin imperfections, making it fresh and radiant throughout the day, without a need for any touch ups. Long Cover Fluid cares, moisturizes and soothes skin irritation with vitamins A, C and E, provitamin B5 and Karite...

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