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    Fixative face primer in spray with nourishing properties. It increases the make-up durability and makes it bright. The fine mist formula perfectly applies the product onto the face and makes each make-up look fresh and radiant for many hours. Its nourishing properties are proved by its ingredients: coconut water, extract from mango and papaya. It keeps...

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    A professional product for make-up fixing. This colourless fixing facial mist spray provideslightweight, invisible, protective film, which makes the make-up last longer and protects it fromsmearing. Thanks to the fixing solution your make-up and its vibrant colours will not fade duringthe day.The effect of the fixed make-up lasts for many hours.It can be...

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    100 % VEGE


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    A specialist spray to fix the makeup, intended to use as a make-up finish. It provides an invisible protection film on the skin which guarantees extended durability of the makeup and protects it against wear and smudging. Contains panthenol.  Waterproof.

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